Swelling at the Nasal Root After Rhinoplasty

I had first time open rhino to make nose shorter,remove a tiny bump on bridge,narrow tip&nostrils.nose wasnt broken.i had very little bruising&after 1 week doc said nose would only narrow down slightly.its 10 days since surgery&i was wondering how long to expect swelling at the root&bridge.im sleeping elevated to reduce swelling.i know tip takes up to a year but im more concerned that the root seems slightly wider than it used to be.is swelling 'normal' here and if so, for how long?

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Nasal swelling following open

The photos demonstrate predictable edema or swelling of nasal bridge/root area following an open rhinoplasty. Often after removing a dorsal splint, some swelling of dorsum occurs and can last several weeks. Following an open rhinoplasty, most of edema resolves in weeks to months. Residual swellling can last up to a year.

From the photographs, the results look good, with symmetric swelling of bridge and tip areas. Be patient and follow up with your surgeon with any concerns about your healing.

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This to shall pass...

Postoperative selling after Rhinoplasty is a normal part of the healing process.  Swelling is not uncommon to even last for several months.  Most of which will resolve in the  first month.  This is note of re-assurance.  Be careful not to use heavy ice packs as this may distort the final outcome.  Follow up visits with surgeon will clarify intra-operative techniques.  For swelling lasting an abnormally time may be treated with anti-swelling medicine from your surgeon.  Enjoy your new confidence!



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Nasal root swelling at 10 days .. let time work its magic

Thank you  for sharing your photos. The ' nasal root' is swollen. As you say, it needs to have 12 months to resolve.

Review with your doctor to see if it feels like it is only edema (swelling) or if there is possibly  other tissue there. He might have placed some tissue there as part of the procedure. Ask if there is anything you can do beside sitting up to sleep. Perhaps warm soaks, tape and gentle massage.

Stay calm there is a lot of swelling to go down

I hope this information has been useful to you.
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