Swelling & Muscle Soreness/control Post TT- What To Do To Help Healing?

I had a full TT(with muscle repair) on 3/5/12 & also had my inner thighs, upper back(bra line),lower back & full stomach lipo'd w/a fat transfer into my butt the same time.(500 cc's each side) My abs are very sore and my entire belly area is protruding as if I am an expecting mother 5-6 months along. I'm actually bigger now than Pre op! Other than icing N drinking water is there ANYTHING AT ALL I can do to help reduce some of it?also when may I regain muscle control?

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As you realize, it has only been 2 weeks.................

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This is all normal.   See your board certified ASAPS member plastic surgeon and review this with  her or him.   Avoid salt, impact, carbs.   wear your garments and keep your appointments.  All will be well 

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