Swelling 4 Months Post Injections, When Will This Eventually Go Away?

I had restylane and Teosyal fillers injected into tear troughs and upper cheeks 4 months ago. I had uneven swelling afterwards but all went down and was left only very slightly asymmetrical. Now I have a little bit of a cold right now and woke up this morning with swelling under one eye- just like it did straight after treatment. It feels like it is thefiller that is swollen again. Does this happen and will it go down?

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Swelling in associating with a cold should resolve.

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This type of transient swelling can be seen following a hyaluronic acid under eye treatment.  If it does not resolve in a couple of days or seems to be getting worse, I would contact your injecting physician for an assessment.

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Swelling under eyes after restylane

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It is possible that the increase congestion from your cold caused the restylane to hold more water and thus the whole area to appear more swollen. Also the resytlane may compress the lymphatic drainage of the area so that when the eye area became swollen and congested from your cold, it did not drain as well as it would without Restylane. I think it should all return to baseline fairly soon.

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