Swelling 1 Month After Buccal Fat Excision and Cheek Implants Normal?

I'm one month post op buccal fat removal and medium malar cheek implants. I naturally had a very thin flat face pre op but now my face is much fatter and people ask me if I gained weight. There are no changes in weight so I assume I'm still swollen as I see only a little definition in my cheeks. I also seem to have a little bit of a double chin under my neck and am wondering if this is fluid as well. Is this normal? How long till my cheeks will look more formed and my face can be thin again?

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Swelling after Facial Surgery

Facial surgery particularly when it involves deeper structures can cause a lot of swelling that needs several months to resolve completely.

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Swelling after Cheek Implants and Buccal Lipectomy

As a general rule it will take at least three months to see the final result after cheek implants and buccal lipectomies. Since you haven't gained any weight, this tells that you still have a moderate amount of swelling. Facial surgery definition always take much longer to see than any patient envisions prior to surgery.

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Swelling after Cheek Implants and Buccal Fat Reduction

Thank you for the questions. This certainly sounds like swelling. However, if your face or cheeks become tender, warm, or have any drainage, please alert your surgeon as this could be a sign of infection. Otherwise, rest, ice, and reduction in your salt intake may all help speed up the process.

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