6 Months Post-Op Rhinoplasty Swelling Has Increased, Have I Damaged my Nose?

I am approx. 6 months post closed rhino. When i got my cast off, my bridge was very swollen but my tip was so nice and petite! i had/have a bulbous nose, which we aimed to reduce only in size. My tip has increased in size since the cast was removed, will it go down to how it was after the cast came off? also, alcohol seems to swell the tip - will this persist after a few years every time i drink? Finally, i often use a blackhead remover tool, have i ruined my nose or prolonged healing by this?

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Rhinoplasty tip

The tip of the nose often stays swollen for up to a year after rhinoplasty.  Give it some more time.  It should get better.

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Bulbous Tip Swelling 6 months After Rhinoplasty

It is not uncommon to have swelling six months after rhinoplasty surgery especially if the surgery was performed to correct a bulbous tip.  These are very difficult  procedures and often the swelling may take up to 1 year to decrease.  Conservative options to help decrease swelling include gentle massage, drink plenty of water,  and a light external nasal splint at night.  Also, discuss with your surgeon a small steroid injection.  

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