Swelling in One Breast 8 Months After Surgery?

I had my second BA 8 months ago (first was over 10 years ago). Silicone overs. My right was lagging behind the left on dropping and I figured that was normal. However I have noticed that it has become more swollen still at upper pole and is sore. It is still soft and moveable but it swollen and when I lie flat won't move to side like my left. I'm concerned. I don't think it's capsular contracture. Could it be an infection? There is no discoloration. Only swelling and mild pain/discomfort. Thanks.

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Breast Swelling

It is difficult to give a diagnosis without an examination but I have had patients that have presented with an enlarged breast as a result of capsular contracture.  This is typically accompanied by upper fullness and minimal movement to the side when lying down.  I know you state the breast is moveable and soft but this can sometimes be deceiving.  Infection is unlikely at this point postop.  See your plastic surgeon for an exam and discussion. 

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Swelling in One Breast 8 Months After Surgery

Without a photo it is hard to make a useful guess, but I would think a capsular contracture is most likely from your description.  I would place infection lower on the list of possibilities. A visit to your surgeon for evaluation is in order. At that time the cause should be discernible following  an examination. 

Thanks, best wishes. 

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The first thing that comes to mind is to ask if you have had any infections in the past weeks prior to the symptoms? You are describing. Have you had any fever? You need to see your PS to get an adequate response.

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