Does This Sounds Like Swelling or a Hematoma?

i recently just had my one week post op visit and my ps said that my right breast has already relaxed, but my left one is still tight with some red bruising around it (that has now turned into a dark color)and its also a little bigger than my right... he said that it could either be that my muscle is still swollen or that I have blood around the implant... he wants me to send him a pic in 4 days and if it's still the same, I have to go back in for surgery to have the blood removed... How will I know?

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Breast augmentation swelling versus hematoma

I recommend you follow up with your plastic surgeon as instructed.  Without any pictures, I certainly can't tell you.

It does sound worrysome but if you do end up needing to have a hematoma evacuated in surgery, then your surgeon is doing it to prevent more significant problems in the future, such as capsular contracture, chronic seroma, infection, asymmetry, or poor cosmetic result, to name a few.

Most complications do not doom you to a bad result if handled promptly and appropriately. Keep close follow up with your plastic surgeon who performed your surgery.

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Breast larger

If you have a hematoma in the o ne breast, it will most likely need to be evacuated. This is doen in the operating room.  Often the breast is larger, firmeer, and there is bruising.

Steven Wallach, MD
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Hematoma or swelling

An exam and or ultrasound are the diagnostic tools for evaluating whether a hematoma is present, not a photograph. If you have a hematoma, it will require drainage. Rather than emailing a photo, you should return to your surgeon if the symptoms do not abate.

Robert L. Kraft, MD, FACS
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Breast hematoma

Unless you are a surgeon, you will not know the difference between a hematoma or other type of swelling. What you are describing is a hematoma, tightness, bruising. He will most likely need to drain the hematoma.

John P. Stratis, MD
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Post-op breast asymmetry

Breast asymmetry soon after surgery may represent swelling or bruising of the breast tissue or muscle but it may be a hematome as well. Small hematomas can be hard to diagnose on clinical exam so I don't think you can substitute a picture for an exam. Usually an ultrasound will help make this diagnosis   and I would suggest another exam and an ultrasound if there is any question before a decision is made about going back to surgery.


Joseph Fata, MD
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