Swelling and Hardening of Epicanthal Corner 1 Month After Epicanthoplasty

Dear Surgeons, I have epicanthoplasty 1 month ago. The swelling and hardening on one eye never subsides, infact it kinda worsens, despite popping down arnica montana, sinecch, bromelain, despite applying arnica gel and antiseptic gel. Besides hardening and swelling, the scar line at the corner appears white and boggy and this is exactly where the hardening is worst. Could it be pus hardening there? Any other reasons for this persistent swelling and hardening? Thanks!

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Epicanthoplasty scar

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This is most likely scar tissue and not an infection but it is hard to say without seeing you.  I will say that, even though it has been a month, this hard tissue will most likely soften and improve in the coming weeks to months.  I do have a special solution of steroid and additional medications that I have injected into scar tissue with good success.  Luckily this issue is rare.

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Dr. Chase Lay

Bay Area Facial Plastic Surgeon
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