Swelling from facial plastic surgery. How long will it last?

I had the Lifestyle Lift 9 days ago. Stitches came out yesterday. I have moderate swelling on my face and it alternates from one side to the other daily. How long should I expect this degree of swelling? I have been icing and using moist heat regularly.

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Lifestyle Lift revision specialist

Swelling is normal after facelift surgery. The swelling usually subsides at about the one week point. Our office specializes in facelift revision procedures, including those from a Lifestyle Lift. 


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Swelling after facial surgery typically peaks on day two or three following the surgery, and then declines every day thereafter, although some increased swelling can be seen each morning if you are not sleeping with the head elevated.  Each patient is different, but typically on the order of 80 percent of swelling is gone at two weeks.
Ice can be helpful for the first 48 hours, but is not helpful thereafter.  Moist heat is also unlikely to affect swelling.
You should continue to see improvement, and please check with your doctor if you do not feel that it is improving.

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