Swelling Following Fat Transfer - Abnormal?

I had fat transfer to the the area beneath my cheekbones in lower part of my face that had become more hollow with age. It's been three days now and there is significant swelling at my cheekbones, sides of nose area and upper face. Im very concerned the swelling is so high,should it not be localised to the lower area of my face?

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Swelling Not Unusual

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There can be a significant amount of swelling after fat transfer, especially if many areas in the same proximity were done (i.e. temples, tear troughs, and cheekbones), Lips especially have a tendency to swell and may not look "normal" for 3-4 weeks.  Your surgeon will be able to tell you if you are" on track". 

Denver Plastic Surgeon

Swelling after fat transfer....

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Swelling is normal after facial procedures. I always tell my patients that you can expect the swelling to peak at 3-4 days then it starts to resolve. I notice that when I do a fat transfer procedure under the eyes in my patients that smoke, the swelling persists longer. You will feel better after discussing your concerns with you plastic surgeon as he/she may want to examine you and ask you more questions.

Fat transfer

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One can have significant swelling of the entire face after fat transfer to the face. It depend on the technique and the amount of fat transfered. However you need to check with your surgeon to make sure there is no infection

Samir Shureih, MD
Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

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