Swelling or Fat 4 Weeks Post TT? (photo)

I seen my PS at my 4wk follow-up an she mentioned to me that I may have a little bit of fat under my BB... so now I'm worried an paranoid that the look I see everyday may very well be my result. I still have a bit of looseness under the BB where my vertical scar is. I know I'm still healing but I was wanting other opinions if I'm just still really swollen or if it's fat.

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Swelling or Fat 4 Weeks Post TT

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First of all, although we do not see a pre-op photo, the postop photos you attached show a nice contour.

By four weeks there is almost certainly some swelling in the abdominal wall. It can be difficult on a live exam to be certain what is swelling and what is fat, but it is quite impossible to do so from this photo.

Right now your option is patience. Continue to follow up with your surgeon. If you need a touch up in the future, the possibilities include some liposuction, or excising some more skin and fat. In either case the touch up would be a much smaller procedure that the TT.

Thanks for your question, and for the attached photos. Best wishes.

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