How Much Swelling is Considered "Normal" Swelling Post Breast Augmentation?

My one week post breast augmentation visit was today. I told the nurse that my right side has been more swollen and implant high since post op day 2. I called the nurse on day 2 and she said unless it is 2-3 times bigger then my other breast not to worry. The nurse today confirmed that I did have a hematoma but going back in would be an increase risk of infection and we should just let it be. I am wondering if I should call back and to speak with the surgeon because I'm still sore and worried.

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Hematoma after breast implants

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If there is a suspicion of a hematoma and that is what the nurse thinks, I would have the plastic surgeon evaluate it, because it may need to be washed out and evaluated in the operating room.

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Hematoma after breast

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Hematomas can be expanding or stable. In the former, they generally require urgent treatment. In the latter case, they can often be observed and managed without surgery. Occasionally this will result in a higher risk of capsular contracture.

Otto Joseph Placik, MD
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Hematoma after breast augmentation

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I would start by calling your surgeon and have him or her evaluate your right breast. While there may be some mild asymmetry immediately after surgery that usually settles out, if there is a significant volume difference and increased pain, a hematoma must be suspected. Very small hematomas often resolve on their own.  The risk of infection from a hematoma evacuation should be nominal, and leaving a significant hematoma may lead to other, more significant complications, such as a capsular contracture. The decision to go back to surgery is ultimately up to your surgeon based on their experiences, but I would recommend close observation.

Lawrence Iteld, MD
Chicago Plastic Surgeon
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