Swelling After Calf Implants

I had calf implants done in 2001. The left leg has always been more swollen but now it's become very visible. There is slight pain and it feels very hard where the implant is (which is not silicone, but rather a firmer substance). I've been to a cardiovascular doctor to make sure none of my arteries/veins are being compromised. I've also been back to the original doctor who had done the surgery and she doesn't have any suggetions/solutions for me. She is a Board Certified doctor. What can be done about this? Any suggestions would be so much appreciated.

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Swelling after calf implants

You may have scar around the implant or a chronic seroma (fluid).
An ultrasound will detect fluid.
If it is a scar, a trial of Singulair may help - it helps breast implant capsules and may help calf implant capsules as well.
If this does not work, your  option is to have surgery, probably to have the implant removed, wait 3 months and place a new implant in the hope it does not happen again. 

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Thank you for the question. It is difficult to make an assessment without having the luxury of examining you, but it may be that you are or have developed a scar contracture around the implant. This would explain the hardness and potential distortions which are newly appreciated. If I were you I would seek the advice of a board certified plastic surgeon with ample experience with implant surgery.


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