1 Week Post-op - How Much Swelling Will Go Down?

I am a week post-op, very early I know! And I am curious as to how much of the size of my nose can be attributed to swelling. I liked my nose from the front pre-rhinoplasty and now I look like I have a blob. No work on tip, but swollen from open? I have included pre, simulated and post-op pictures. I do like my new profile, it matched my expecatations, but after the hump removal my nose looks so wide. Dr. said that the nasal bones were fractured to thin the bridge, but it feels big to me.Thanks

before and after front and profile
before simulated after profile

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One week post-op rhinoplasty

At one week after rhinoplasty, you are going to have a lot of swelling. This is normal. It will take weeks before most of the swelling goes down, and months before it all goes away.

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Is swelling after rhinoplasty normal?

Dear Rhinoplasty patient from Grand Rapids, MI
Looking at your before and after rhinoplasty pictures, it appears that your doctor has done a good job to remove the nasal hump. The swelling that makes your nose wider will subside over time. You need to be patient. Good luck and good healing

Kevin Sadati, DO
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