Swelling and Lump After Injecting Perlane for Cheeks. What Can I Do?

Swelling and Lump After Injecting Perlane for Cheeks. i have done filler for my cheecks,nasolabial and marriot lines with 2ml of perlane.after 5days i have some swelling of rt,cheeck only and can feel the hard nodule under my cheeck.the doctor says it is infection and has put me on antibiotics

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Perlane and lumps

Without assessing you in person, it is very difficult to answer your question. As with all dermal fillers, there is an expected time frame for swelling, which you may or not be experiencing. If your provider determined through further assessment and your input that you are experiencing an infection due to the injection(s), that would not be a common side effect but I'd continue the course of treatment recommended.

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Bumps after Perlane

If you had pain, swelling and redness over the area, it could be an infection and you will have to wait it out for the antibiotics to take over. If the nodule persists though, your doctor could try removing it if possible, else, dissolving it is also an option. 

Good luck!

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Perlane bumps

If you have an undesirable result from Perlane, your physician can dissolve the bump with hyaluronidase, but I would discuss with him first as there are several issues with this approach as well that you need to understand.

Steven Hacker, MD
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