Swelling and LPG After Vaser? (photo)

I am 29y old(72,KG,165 cm) female, 3 weeks post operative vaser high dif for up/lower abdomen and flanks.Wearing garment 24 h. Almost swelling subsides, except the one under belly button"15 cmx6cm".It shows softness in the right and hardness in the Lt. The DR said it will go with time, but advised me with LPG to speed the process. I did 1 session, it was painful and the swelling increased. 1-So do I continue LPG? 2-Will swelling subside with time?& how long? Is this swelling called seroma?

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Swelling and LPG After Vaser?

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Photo to cut in amount oof view. But if after 3 months there still is swelling than you have a residual fat or scar tissue or seroma. Seek in person opinions. 


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Thank you for the picture it looks like you have scar tissue build up which is very normal. You can message the area very lightly to try and break down the scar tissue. Make sure you address your concerns with your PS. A seroma would be fluid buildup and you would be able to fill it and see it.

Without an exam its hard to say what it really is.

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