Swelling After Second Surgery to Remove Scar Tissue After Rhytidectomy? (photo)

I had a rhytidectomy with a sling 9/06/12. I posted several times because I seemed to have a lot of swelling and scar tissue. After 6 months, my Dr decided to remove the scar tissue through an incision under my chin. He also pulled more from behind my ears. I had this done on 3/04. 2 days after surgery,my neck looked great, but now i am beginning to swell again, and I am worried that the scar tissue will come back. What are the chances that I will develop more scar, and never have the neck i wanted?

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It sounds as though your surgeon did the correct steps however details are important.  Did he tighten the muscle front and back,  did he cut the platysma in the front.. was there subplatysma fat or scar that needed removal?

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What To Do About An Unsatisfactory Result Following a Facelift

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Hi- I have one really big concern about what you said in your question. You mentioned that your surgeon's response to the "swelling and scarring" in your neck was to pull more from behind your ears when doing your revision. It sounds from your description that he simply pulled the skin a bit tighter. If this is the truth, this unfortunately will not work. The skin is meant to cover, not support. Every time we have tried to use the skin to make a face or neck lift tighter, we have been disappointed because the skin will always stretch back out in a relatively short period of time. The key to a good result in the neck is the muscle (not the skin), which must be repositioned and reconfigured to provide the long term support necessary to get a great long term result. If I had to guess (I'm hedging a bit because it is hard to say for sure without actually seeing you in person) I would bet that your swelling and scarring is not really swelling and scarring but the fact that the muscle was not dealt with adequately. My recommendation would be to let things heal a bit more and then get a second opinion from a surgeon in your area with a lot of experience in face and neck lifts. Good luck.

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Neck wrap critical after necklift

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It is critical to use a firm wrap around the neck/head at night for six weeks after the necklift. It allows the tissues (skin) to snap back in place. Do not make any judgement till 3 months have passed after surgery.


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