Swelling After Septoplasty - Four Months Post-op?

When the splints came out, I had about an hour of the best breathing I have enjoyed since I was a child. Shortly after, the nasal passages closed considerably and were worse than prior to the operation. Since then, I have enjoyed a slow recovery but have reached a plateau. I have some decent days and others that are similar to pre-op. My nasal passages FEEL swollen and sensitive. (worse during exercise). My surgeon has said the nasal passages look fine. Nasonex (steroid) spray does not help much

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Swellling after Septoplasty

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Perhaps you should schedule an appointment for a second opinion and have a thorough examination to see if  a proper diagnosis can be made. While it is not uncommon to have some swelling after Septoplasty your breathing should be better then prior to the procedure unless you have residual tissue swelling or your septum is not fully corrected. The fact that you have more difficulty during exercise is common. The tissues swell during the exertion caused be exercise and the increased body temperature as well. Sometimes it may take an entire year for the breathing to be fully restored however you should already be experiencing improved breathing. Best regards!

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