Swelling After a Revision of a TT Where Scar Tissue Was Removed. Internal Drain Tube Slipped?

I am 2 weeks post op from a revision of my TT I had in May. I still have my drain. which pulls around 65 cc a day. I have developed a swelling on my lower right side which is sore and has a hard ridge line in the groin area. I saw the PS today and tried to aspirate , but found nothing. The new soreness and ridge are in the area there scar tissue was removed from a seroma I had from May's TT. Dr. thinks internal tube slipped down into groin area and is hitting a nerve. Why is the area swollen?

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Swelling after revision of tummy tuck

The ridging and hardness may be from dense scar formation as your body heals.

If you were my patient - every surgeon does things differently based on experience - I would probably -

  • get an ultrasound of the area to be sure there were no fluid.
  • remove the drain - after 2 weeks, the drain itself may be irritating.
  • inject a tiny amount of steroid into the dense scar. My experience is that this causes over-scarring to rapidly absorb.

If you have confidence in your surgeon, trust his/her analysis and treatment.

If you aren't sure, consider a second opinion with another Board Certified Plastic Surgeon.

Hope this helps.

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Causes of fullness after surgery


Thank you for the question.  There are several possible sources for the fullness you describe including seroma, hematoma, swelling, separation of deep tissue repair, etc.  Obviously your plastic surgeon will be the best person to guide you along the process since careful examination is needed consistently during your healing process.

All the best,

Dr Remus Repta

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Swelling After a Revision

This was obviously hard for your PS to diagnose in person. Without at least a photo I wouldn't even hazard a guess. Please consider attaching a photo. Thanks, best wishes.

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