Swelling After Ptosis Surgery

How much swelling is there after ptosis surgery in general?

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Surgical healing

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There is usually moderate swelling and bruising around the eyes after any eyelid surgery, not unlike when you get hit from a blunt trauma resulting in a "black eye".  It is worst the day after surgery, then gets better everyday, lasting a total of 7-10 days.  During that time, you are able to see since the eyes are not usually covered.

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Swelling Afer Eyelid Sagging Corrective Surgery

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Regarding: "Swelling After Ptosis Surgery   How much swelling is there after ptosis surgery in general?"

Post-surgical swelling after correction of eyelid sagging varies from person to person as well as depends of which surgical technique was used. I would recommend you take off a week from work or school.

Dr. Peter Aldea

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