Swelling After PCA Chemical Peel, Is this Normal?

I had PCA chemical peel done yesterday, everything was fiine until i woke up next morning red and swollen. My face really burns, and shape of my face is changed from all the swelling. I have little blisters all over my face and it really itches, i also have a few cold sores on my face...Is this normal? Should I take some medicine? Im planing to call my doctor on monday,but until then i need some answers, please help!

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You need to consult your doctor if you have cold sores over you face, after a peel.

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It is usual to get some redness, occasional blisters - but if you have developed cold sores, you need to return to your doctor, since you may need to be started on a course of antiviral drugs. Inflammation, blisters along with cold sores triggered by a chemical peel, may indicate eczema herpeticum due to herpes virus and needs your doctor's urgent attention. 

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