Is This Swelling After my Tummy Tuck Normal? (photo)

I am now 12 days post op a full TT, my drains was removed on day 5 after having only minimal drainage ( combined 35 mls per 24 h). I have however developed a large ridge across my abdomen which is more pronounced on my dominate side. it's not red or bruised but feel very tight and firm and tender to touch it's not particularly fluidy just like a firm swelling. I know I'm very early post op so I'm hoping this will resolve it's self with time but I don't want to delay if it requires any interventions.

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Is This Swelling After my Tummy Tuck Normal?

Please seek immediate medical care from hopefully your surgeon. Appears as a seroma has formed that needs attention. 

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Swelling after abdominoplasty

If you have been reasonable active and not wearing compression on the abdomen the skin flap above the incision may swell.  There can be two reasons for swelling of the abdomen after abdominoplasty.  If the drain was removed early and you remain active then more serous fluid will develop in the abdominal skin flap space.  Also with abdominoplasty the lymphatic drainage is temporarily disrupted so lymphatic fluid can develop in the skin flap above the incision.  I recommend the use of an abdominal binder or corset for many months after surgery to control this edema. 

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Seroma or Swelling

Thanks for the photo.  An exam would determine the issue.  I am a bit more conservative and tend to leave my drain in for a little longer period of time. 

Dr. ES

Fluid collections after abdominoplasty should be drained.

Is difficult to say what might be the problem but more than likely it is a seroma. If this is your case your plastic surgeon can drains in the office.

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Is This Swelling After my Tummy Tuck Normal?

Without seeing the entire abdomen and trunk, and without seeing preop photos, there is not enough info for a useful guess. The picture is suggestive enough of a fluid collection, that a visit to your surgeon seems appropriate at this time.

All the best. 

Jourdan Gottlieb, MD
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