Why Don't I Look Like Myself After Lifestyle Lift?

I had a lifestyle lift 5 days ago. How long does it take for the swelling to go down. I look deformed. I have been appling ice as often as I can. I do not look like myself. please let me know how long it will take.

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It sometimes take a few weeks for swelling to go down

After a facelift it may take 1 to 3 weeks for the majority of the swelling to go down. The more active you are, the longer the swelling will take to resolve. Some people swell more, and some (obviously) swell less. If you have had other procedures like eyelid surgery than the swelling in the eyes usually goes away last.

Be sure to follow your doctor's instructions after surgery to limit activity, avoid salt, and sleep on your back with a couple extra pillows under your head and shoulders. Doing these simple things will help to keep the swelling down and you'll heal more quickly.

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After any surgery, it takes several days to weeks for the swelling to improve.


After any surgery, especially facelift, it takes days to weeks for the swelling to improve. This is dependent on how extensive of a surgery you had. Lifestyle Lift is a minimal surgery, so I would not expect you to have extensive swelling or bruising for more than a week or two. Additionally, healing time is different among different patients. As for the specifics of your surgical results. You really will need to discuss them with your surgeon. If you post your photos, we may be able to comment further in this forum as well.

Good Luck.

David Shafer, MD
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David Shafer, MD
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Give it time for the swelling to go down

Most of us simply want to look perfect the day after the procedure, but usually what you see is not what you get until things have completely healed up. This is variable from one person to the other, however a lot of healing has been achieved by the one to two-week mark. But most individuals do look reasonable at a week to two weeks and are able to socialize. However after five days it is of no real benefit to look in the mirror and judge the way things are. A good time period to start looking in the mirror would be approximately ten to 14 days as the swelling really decreases at that time. 100% of patients will have some moderate swelling that does look somewhat concerning one to two days after the procedure.

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5 days after a facelift

 Since it has only been 5 days after your face lift, you do have significant swelling that must take a few weeks to settle down. Visible bruising and swelling usually last 2 weeks after a facelift procedure. There still subtle changes that occur in the first 2-3 months after the procedure until everything has completely subsided. The incisions can take 2-4 months to settle down as well depending upon the skin type and the procedure performed. For many examples of face lifting results in our practice, please see link below toour facelift photo gallery

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Lifestyle lift recovery

Unfortunately, many patients who have a lifestyle lift are not aware that they are actually having a lower facelift and neck lift. The advertising claims that their patients are essentially healed within a few days and back to their normal routines. This is completely misleading.

It is normal for you to have swelling and brusing for a few weeks following a facelift. Most of the visible swelling will resolve over the first two weeks but you may feel swelling for a few months. In my interaction with lifestyle lift patients I have found that many of them did not feel properly prepared for the procedure. I woud be patient, continue icing, wearing your compression garment, and avoiding strenuous activity for the next few weeks. Make sure that you have follow up scheduled with your surgeon. What you are experiencing is very normal for your stage of healing following a facelift.

Todd C. Miller, MD
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