Swelling After Deflated Implant Replacement and Capsulectomy, When Will It Go Down For Good?

I had a saline deflation L breast replaced 1.10.12, approx. 2 weeks after deflation. During the surgery the capsule came out with the deflated implant. A new saline implant was put in. I am 25 days postop & the swelling has gone down some but not to what it was before surgery. Will it continue to go down? I have not seen my surgeon since surgery(he went out of town)only his nurse. Worried because L breast is bigger than R. R was replaced too but no capsule removed.

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Healing after breast revision and capsulectomy

healing after breast revision and capsulectomy:

  • see other posts on healing after BA
  • this will take several weeks to heal and possible 3 months or so for final results
  • seromas can occur and add to swelling 
  • your doctor will check this when they see you

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Breast Swelling after Second Augmentation

You certainly can have swelling remaining at this point in your recovery.  Remember versus your first augmentation you had a more involved operation by having the capsule removed in addition to have the implant replaced.  Give the area time and make sure you keep your appointments with your PS when he/she returns to town.

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Post op swelling

It can take up to 6 months for swelling to resolve.  This is an even slower process due to the revision surgery.  Donald R. Nunn MD  Atlanta Plastic  Surgeon.

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