Is This Swelling After Breast Reduction Normal? (photo)

I am 6 weeks post op and significantly more bigger one one side - is this normal and will it go down over time?

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Asymmetry after breast reduction

Some asymmetry between  two breasts after breast reduction is common. Howver, a large discrpancy like the one you have is not common. Knowing the history and performing an exam are essentiual to figure out the cause( seroma, hematoma, not enough tissue removed, to name a few).  I suggest you see your surgeon and be evaluated.

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Asymmetry after breast reduction

I agree with my colleagues that this degree of difference between your breasts is not expected after surgery. There can be any number of causes from not leaving the same amount of tissue on each side to a fluid collection. Your surgeon is the one who needs to figure out what is causing the difference so you need to set up an appointment. Although you are not likely to need an immediate appointment, sooner is better. Good luck.

Margaret Skiles, MD (retired)
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Breast Reduction and Asymmetry Normal?

Thank you for the question at picture.

No, it is not necessarily “normal” to have significant breast asymmetry after breast reduction surgery.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to give you accurate advice based on the picture alone. It will be in your best interest to follow your plastic surgeon for examination.  It will be important to rule out complicatons that may have caused the right breast to increase in size compared to the left breast. For example, complications such as seroma or hematoma may be responsible. These cannot be completely ruled out based on your picture only.

I hope this helps.


Tom J. Pousti, MD, FACS
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Is This Swelling After Breast Reduction Normal

Thank you for your question and photo.  I can see why you are concerned.  The swelling that you have is uncommon.  You are also only 6 weeks in your recovery from your breast reduction.  Swelling is asymmetrical.  Final results take 6-12 months.  Discuss your concerns with your plastic surgeon.

Jeff Angobaldo, MD
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Is This Swelling After Breast Reduction Normal? (photo)

I'm in full agreement with Dr Pousti. Based upon only the one frontal photo view, BTW thanks for posting, either the surgical plan was faulty as to symmetry in size and shape or there is a collection of blod/fluids in that larger side. Best to be seen immediately by the surgeon or an in person second opinion. You may need a surgical intervention as to drainage, but over the internet hard to diagnose. Please give follow up. Best to you. 

Darryl J. Blinski, MD
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