Swelling 10 Days After Radiesse!

I had Radiesse done to my cheek bones about 10 days ago. Just had minor bruisers and little swelling, My face looked normal, I barely could see a difference. Two days ago I noticed swelling under my eyes, next day it got worst, my cheek were swelling and I started wondering if something went wrong since I started feeling pain in my cheeks. This morning I could not recognize myself in the mirrior,all my face is swolen so bad. I am freaking out! Please tell me what is wrong? I called my doctor.

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Swelling 10 Days After Radiesse!

Though bruising and swelling is common after fillers, it's not likely to occur so many days after your initial visit. Contact your medical provider to further assist you

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Lumps with facial fillers, including Radiesse

I have had great experience with Radiesse and residual lumps are rare occurences in my experience.  Radiesse is a very safe stimulatory filler. Surgery90210

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Swelling 10 days after radiesse

While swelling for a week to 10 days is possible on some patients, it atypical for it to persist beyond 10 days.  Moreover, it is also atypical to have progessively worse swelling this far out from the treatment. You should contact your physician.

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Swelling 10 Days After Radiesse!

 I have used Radiesse many times for faial shaping/contouring and this is not typical.  You should contact the MD that did your Radiesse injections for evaluation.

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