Shadow cast on nose tip. (photos)

I like that its not pointed up or that its pointy. But after i came to realise My problem I cant for example sit at à table that has à lamp at one of My sides because IT feels like its gonna cast this shadow. Or IF someone takes à Picture flash. As you see in one picture, sunlight is hitting My face and instantly i get the crack. On two side angle pictures I took photos with the flash and the crack is very clear. My big question is. Can I fix this and still look the same since i like My nose?

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Shadow cast on nose tip

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Thank you for your question

 The shape of the nose is as important as the size of it. In different cultures and populations the nose has some special characteristics; therefore it is really important to know these facts and assess the patient based on these facts. Female and male face structures and lines are completely different from each other. This is one of the other facts that should be kept in mind both during the consultation and the surgery itself. Since the nose is the most prominent organ of the face; patients can have different desires and requests from the rhinoplasty operation. To understand the patient’s needs and desires is the most important step of the rhinoplasty operation.

Bifid Nasal Tip

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Hello and thank you for the question. The tip of your nose looks bifid as a result of your cartilage structure. There are temporary solutions for this problem like filler injections; and permanent solution like having surgery. It can be corrected without touching any other part of your nose. 

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