What is required to get rid of this awful skin over my eyelids? (photos)

What surgery would help me get my eyelids and eyes look normal and open? With normal and open I mean less tired and not angry looking. Would a blepharoplasty help? I really appreciate the help. Sincererly

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Blepharoplasty for hooded upper eyelids

Hooded eyelids are normal in many individuals and this eyelid feature is often hereditary rather than age-related. It may be considered a very positive and attractive feature (pre-op Renee Zellweger, Helen Hunt...). Elimination of the hooding can draw a gasp from the public e.g. post-op (still beautiful) Renee Zellweger, post-op Kenny Rogers, Lee Majors, etc, etc. Be very clear with your surgeon on the specifics - leave the small web in the medial canthus? - take very little skin, and more fat?  - very little fat and minimal skin? Google Celebrity/or Movie Star Blepharoplasty to see some good and not-so-good results. In particular, some of the men are feminized with a deep superior sulcus (area above the crease) with eyebrows down on the eyelids - just plain weird. Some of those guys could have used a small direct brow lift and minimal blepharoplasty. It is extremely difficult to reverse a bad blepharoplasty particularly in a male. Pick your surgeon carefully and be sure that he/she understands exactly what you want.

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What is required to get rid of this awful skin over my eyelids?

Thank you for your question, Blepharoplasty will help with a surgeon who is expert for the Asian eyelid, you can look for surgeon in your country for one on one consultation.

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What is required to get rid of this awful skin over my eyelids?

Hello and thank you for your question.

Your words are similar to those echoed by many of the patients that I see. They feel and look tired and unhappy, more so than they need to be.
It goes without saying that you would be best to consult face-to-face with an experienced Specialist Plastic Surgeon. That's the best way to give both you and your surgeon the opportunity to connect and talk through what options there are to target the parts that bother you.
Having said that, as Specialists, we have quite a few modalities available to use- different techniques of surgery to slightly different anatomical areas plus non-surgical techniques to complement these. In your case, some form of upper lid blepharoplasty comes to mind first. But I would really recommend more indepth consultation before we would get to deciding how best to help you.
From your questions and photos, it appears that, as Plastic Surgeons, we can certainly help you, and in my experience patients feel more open and fresh after this surgery. It is a delight for me to witness how much confidence they exude.

I hope this has been of value and I wish you well.

Mark Edinburg, MBBCH, FRACS
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Upper eyelid fulness

It looks that removal of fat tissue from medial aspect of your upper eyelids may improve your condition. You should consult an experienced board certified plastic surgeon or oculoplastic surgeon for detailed clinical exam and discuss your options. Good luck.

Zoran Potparic, MD
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Upper eyelid surgery

Thanks for your question. An in-person examination will be necessary, but you may be a candidate for an upper blepharoplasty surgery. This surgery is intended to remove the excess skin, and possibly fat, from the  upper eyelid area. Doing so will help to restore a more youthful upper eyelid appearance. Be sure consult with an experienced oculoplastic or facial plastic surgeon in your area. Good luck!

Mark Been, MD
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