Remove chin implant due to pain? (Photos)

I had a chin implant inserted from under my chin 11 months ago, silicon, 6 mm thick with wings. I'm still experience pain on the right side of my chin so I'm going to take it out. What is causing the pain, could it be the muscle or is the implant pressing on a nerve? How are the chances that the shape will go back to normal? I have been reading a lot about ptosis and that muscle tightening should be preformed simultaneously. Should I convince my doctor to preform this when he removes it?

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Remove chin implant due to pain?

 Hi, I'm sorry to hear that you're having pain from a chin implant.  I have performed many Chin Augmentations, over the past 30 years using dermal fillers or chin implants.  The mental nerve is most likely the source of the pain, especially if there is some numbness of the lower lip as well.  This nerve must be visualized while placing the "wings" or sides of the chin implant along the lower edge of the jaw on either side.  The nerve can clearly be seen exiting the lower jaw and the implant wings should be placed so they do not impinge on the nerve.

 Ptosis is far more common when an intra-oral (inside the mouth) approach is used to place the chin implant as this method requires cutting the mentalis muscle attachment to the bone (of the chin) in order to reach the proper area for chin implant placement.  This is one of the reasons that I only place chin implants through a small, curved incision under the chin as this approach avoids the need to cut the primary mentalis muscle attachments.

 There would seem to be a simple test to see if the right mental nerve is the source of your pain.  Ask your surgeon to inject a small amount of lidocaine in the area of the right mental nerve to see if this eliminates the pain.  If it does, you have your answer and the chin implant should be removed in order to eliminate the pain.  If the pain persists, you may be experiencing some bone stimulation below the implant which can be seen on an XRAY.

 When and if the implant is removed, the chin will again be weak.  Chin augmentation can be performed using a dermal filler and then in 3-6 months, if you desire, a chin implant can be placed in a manner that "most likely" (there are cases where the nerve exits low on the jaw, but there are uncommon in my experience) will not result in the wings touching the mental nerve.

Hope this helps.

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