Which procedure can I choose with my bite? (photos)

I'm 19 years old I was always not happy with my profile , my lower jaw looks too small , I also do snore when I am sleeping but my main goal is to get a nice profile and wide smile, what should I do ?

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It can be fixed but it requires a lot of work.

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You have two issues that need to be fixed.  First is your lower jaw is not protruded enough.  Second, your teeth are too flared on the top and bottom.  I would wait until you are 21-22 years old before considering these options since your lower jaw may continue to grow.  If everything looks the same after that time, and you still would like the perfect smile, you would need to have jaw surgery where they cut the jaw bone and reset it more anterior.  After that you would need orthodontics to move the teeth into the right position.

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