Will my nose fall down, like 1 cm after taking off the bandage? Could I pull it down with a tape after taking the gypsum off?

Done open rhinoplasty For 4 days ago and it look like a pig nose! Very upturned! This is my second operation with a different dr. My first took off too much cartilage so my New doc took some from my ear and replace it in my nose, where it were missing. It's very swollen right now which is ok but the pig nose is Killing me. I've already called my dr and all he is saying is I dont know how it Will be. That it's hard to Tell. So Im feeling really sad Coz it feels like A failure For the second time!

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Nose will fall after rhinoplasty

Immediately after surgery your nose will be extremely swollen. Now that the bandages have been removed, the tip should fall and as the swelling continues to go down it will continue to fall. Expect 1 year of healing time before you can see your final results. Tape may be helpful, if recommended by your doctor, in order to help with the tip falling.

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Dr. Ali Sajjadian

Orange County Plastic Surgeon
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The nose will drop

All tips drop after the dressings are removed. How much is variable but 1 cm is not unreasonable. Since your dressing is still on there is no way to tell where it will end up. It's also normal for some patients to have a little depression and anxiety after any surgery so don't be too hard on yourself.

Garrett H. Bennett, MD
Manhattan Facial Plastic Surgeon
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