My face is uneven from changing cheek implants and a lower eyelid surgery. Would Canthopexy or Canthoplasty help me? (photos)

I made cheek implants and they got to big so I changee to smaller size. Now it looks very uneven. Not sure why, but I think one implant is positioned higher and is pushing tissue into the lower eyelid causing a bulge. The lower eyelid surgery made the eye saggy on the same side. Looks like a sad eye. I need to get my almond shape back. Please give me your thoughts of what to do. I will travel to get the best surgery to get this corrected.

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Your analysis is probably accurate.

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The cheek implants certainly can encroach into the eyelid space.  Generally  this is not a stable situation.  A CT of the face with 3-D reconstruction often reveals that implants are positioned differently.  Sometimes there is a very good reason for this and sometimes there is no good reason for this.  Part of the issue with cheek implants is they seldom correctly position volume in the face.  Canthal surgery alone is not the answer for your situation.  You need a very careful assessment of what is bothering you about your eyelid.  It is likely the cheek implant will need to be removed, modified, or replaced.  If you study my website at the link below, you can see that I often address situations like yours with a hand carved orbital rim implant made of ePFTE, a hard palate graft to control the eyelid contour and to close the area opened to carry out surgery a lateral canthoplasty is needed.

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Cheek implants with eyelid and cheek asymmetry.

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Cheek implants with eyelid and cheek asymmetry. This requires an exam to feel the implants and the eyelids to repair this. 

Toby Mayer, MD
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