Can so many grafits fall out after 9 days? (Photo)

Hey, i had my hair transplantation FUE before 9 days (4150). Today when i washed my head very gentle with shampoo i noticed few hair with scabs, then when i tried to dry my head with soft towel by (pressing and no rubbing) i could see many hair looks like grafits falled out? Am i right? Isnt it late for them to fall so easy? Isnt it very soon for me to have scabs? I am very nervous for that please help me

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Thanks for the photos.  It is normal for the hair and scabs to "fall out" after a week.  By then the follicle is generally integrated into the scalp.  Thus, what you are seeing is most likely not the follicle.

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Can so many grafits fall out after 9 days

Thank you for your question.  The small crusts around the micro graphs will fall off naturally at around 10-14 days.  You can continue to wash your hair daily and gently with a mild shampoo.  Try not to remove the crusts and allow them to fall off naturally.  Just looking at your photos it appears that everything appears normal.   Discuss your concerns with your surgeon

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They don't look like scabs.  They look like dried out grafts.  I generally say you can lose 2 to 3 grafts for every 1000 grafts.  So for a 4000 graft surgery I guess 8 to 12 graft is normal. 

Jae Pak, MD
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Grafts fall out after 9 days

After transplant, the scabs are formed after about one week. And the hair start shedding after 2-3 weeks, sometimes earlier and sometimes later. So there is nothing to feel nervous about it.

Kapil Dua, MBBS, MS
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How many grafts can fall out after a hair transplant

Within the first 3 weeks, all of the grafts may fall out and that can be normal provided that you are careful with your washing technique. Don't worry.

William Rassman, MD
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Scabs after hair transplant

mostly hair shafts that separate from the. Follicle and fall off along with the scabs is normal. The follicles remain under the skin and will start to grow in after. Few months. If the follicles are attached then you have lost the graft and that could be from poor placement.

Michael Meshkin, MD
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