Can botox help even out my ptos?

Hi, I am a 25year old woman that has gotten a mild case of ptos (self diagnosed) in the recent year on my right eye. I can also see that my right eyebrow is lower than my left one and all this bothers me a lot. Is there possible to use botox to get my face more symmetrical or will it only make my ptos worse?

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Uneven eyebrows

Botox injections can certainly give your eyebrows a more symmetrical appearance, but be sure you see an experienced physician to do the injections

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If you have recently noticed ptosis (drooping) of one eyelid, you need to get a thorough examination by your physician, possibly a neurologist or ophthalmologist if necessary. Recent onset of ptosis is not normal and medical conditions need to be ruled out first. Botox will not help ptosis. Hope that helps

Ram Chandra, MD
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Thanks for the question.  You can raise the eyebrow slightly on that side with botox.  Botox cannot be injected in the upper eyelid directly or it could lower it.  If you raise the right eyebrow it may appear to help the ptosis on that side.

Deborah DiStefano, MD
Chattanooga Ophthalmologist

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