Bodyjet/BBL before or after weight loss? (Photo)

Hi! I'm dreaming about an hourglas figure. I'm not so obsessed about big bootys or tiny waist, But the whole picture with a curvy body rather than my very straight body with fat belly. I'm also trying to lose weight. From 79kg (174lbs) my ideal between 61-64kg (134-140lbs) The question is now. Is it better to lose the weight first then do the surgery or should i do the surgery then lose the weight? I really want my love handles to be gone forever!

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Lose weight

Without doubt the advice would be to lose weight and be at your ideal weight before consulting / considering water assisted liposuction

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Brazilian Butt Lift / BodyJet for a curvier body

Hi there! As tempting as it sounds, liposuction should not be seen as a weight loss regimen. It is most effective if targeted at stubborn remnants of fat that resist diet and exercise. To answer your question, yes, you should work on losing your weight first, and then consider liposuction. The good news is, you can get some really good results with this combination. A BBL using natural fat transfer where a doctor extracts your fat from your belly and love handles and transfers it via Bodyjet to your buttocks would give you a much curvier body. If you have started losing some weight, you should make an appointment for a consultation so that your doctor can tell you what your ideal weight would be before having your procedure. 

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Before Having Liposuction-- Diet, Fitness

Hi, and thank you for your question. I suggest if you have not tried to lose the weight, you should try. With that will see how your skin elasticity will respond. I would try this before making a premature liposuction decision. I suggest consulting with an expert cosmetic surgeon who can give you the best routine for diet and exercise and length that is personal for you prior to having any procedure. This will offer the best results and will determine the next phase as to what procedure will be necessary that best fits your body type then. Best regards, Dr. Berger

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