Does a sway in your back affect your TT results? (photo)

I had a TT 7 mon po and I have a protruding abdomen. Doc say it's the sway in my back that makes my stomach stick out. But I look like I'm 3mon pregnant. Is your anatomy a big role in results and if so why wasn't I told that before I had surgery ???

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Abdominal protrusion after tummy tuck

You certainly lost a lot of the striated skin evident in the pre-op photo. The post-op picture raises the question of whether you had any muscle tightening performed......

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Body anatomy and abdominoplasty results

It is very true that anatomy plays a very large role in the end results of many surgical procedures. In the case of abdominoplasty, a lumbar lordosis condition or "swayback" can affect the final appearance of a tummy tuck. The abdominoplasty result is limited by the amount of adipose or fatty tissue that is found in the compartment behind the rectus muscles and by the natural posture or position of the vertebrae and spine.

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Does a sway in your back affect your TT results?

A possibility but try weight loss to decrease the visceral layer of fat. Also was a muscle repair done in your TT//..

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Sway back can affect tummy tuck results

Thank you for your question. Compared to your preop photos you have had a good tummy Tuck result. It is true that if you have a lumbar lordosis or sway backit can cause your abdomen to protrude forward.

However looking at your photographs the problem could be that there is intra-abdominal fat wrapped around your intestines that could be causing your abdomen to protrude.

Ask your plastic surgeon if weight loss could reduce intra abdominal fat and improve your result.

Does a sway in your back affect your TT results?

This is really hard to analyze in photos. An exam would be better. In addition, it is helpful to have photos from the side and from the front taken at the same angle and at the same distance.

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