Removal of transplanted hair. Any suggestions?

I'm in my early 30's and have probably a NW3v at the moment. Corner recession and maybe some slight thinning at the crown. I wish that i had a more rounded hairline so that it looked good when I wear my hair short and less messy in the mornings with longer hair. But my dad is a NW6 and if i follow his path then i know it would probably look stupid when i'm older, even if i shave it short. Is there any way around this? Is it possible to remove transplanted hairs in this case without scarring?

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Transplants and not happy

You have to at the least send photos so that a doctor can assess what is the extent of the problem. Removing hair transplants can be challenging. 

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If you want your transplanted hairs removed, it is best to see a doctor in person for a consultation.

If you want your transplanted hairs removed, it is best to see a doctor in person for a consultation.  It may be possible but it will likely leave some scar. 

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Can I remove my transplanted grafts?

Yes, you can reverse the process entirely.  Laser hair removal typically does not work on transplanted hair.  The optimal way in most instances is to do a procedure I first described in 2003, called Plug Redistribution where the grafts are removed and either relocated perhaps to your donor scar or to simply discard them.  This procedure is performed using a small punch that i developed to make a shallow incision around the graft and then pluck the loosened hair out of the scalp.  This works best if you had follicular units placed.  It works well with plugs, but plugs leave some hypopigmentation on the scalp from the healing of the plug itself following this procedure.  However, it is possible to remove all the hair in plugs too.  This technique does not work for large slit grafts.  In this instance, it is best to make an incision around the slit graft with a tiny scalpel I developed to excise the larger slit grafts.  Then the wound is closed with a suture and generally heals quite well.  Scarring from plug redistribution is usually minimal hypopigmentation and often heals with no perceptive scarring.  However, all individuals heal differently, so it is a good idea to perform a few graft removals to evaluate your individual healing characteristics first.  

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