Can Suturing Cartilage to the Septum During a Revision Rhinoplasty Change the Entire Shape of Your Nose?

Had a Revision Rhinoplasty over 1 month ago the surgeon said when he opened me up that the cartilage on the right side of septum was "flying in the wind" so he sutured it to the septum (middle).Now my nose tip is wide and gives off a bulbous apperance.I also hav a hook C-like deviation on right side of nose that was never there be4 Has suturing this cartilage to the septum caused more harm than good? Will my old tip come back or am I stuck with this new shape I didnt ask for??

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Suturing cartilage to septum

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Yes, sometimes the nasal tip cartilage is sutured to the septum to lift the tip, or even deproject it or provide more projection. At one month it is too early to see the final result.

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Revision rhinoplasty and crooked nose

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Dear Have a question,

  • At one month, it is too early to say what the nose will look like when fully healed
  • It is tough to know exactly what your surgeon did and why there was free septum along the right side of the septum
  • I would bring your issues up to your surgeon and see what he says
  • The wideness will improve over time

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