Are my Sutures from my Recent Breast Lift/Aug Surgery Normal?

I am day 7 post op and this morning I got to have a good look at my breasts and got a fright to see they have been stitched together between my breasts! Is this normal? By stitched together I mean: The sutures start from the outer edge under each breast and join in the middle! Is this the norm? I have looked at many pix on the net and cannot see anything that is stitched like mine :( Yes, I did use a reputable board certified PS.

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Sutures between the breasts

It is unusual for someone to have a breast lift and have sutures coming across the midline. The picture you posted only shows tape on your breasts> how can you be sure?

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Sutures Between Breasts After Lift

I agree with the others in that you must be sure there are really sutures "between" the breasts.  Even the largest mastopexies or breast lifts don't require sutures between the breasts.  My guess is that the surgeon is just placing some tape between the breasts to help with swelling and shaping of the breasts.  So just relax and be patient with the healing process.

Christopher L. Hess, MD
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Your Sutures May Be OK

The photo shows tape going between the breasts. Are you sure that the stitches do too? Suturing all the way between the breasts is very unusual unless you were extremely saggy before surgery. Almost always, the stitches will end before reaching the midline.

Hope that helps.

David N Clayton, MD, FACS

David N. Clayton, MD, FACS
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Please leave the dressings alone!

It is unlikely that they cross the midline but it is possible in the event of extreme ptosis. It is early and I would not advise you to disrupt the dressing this early in the healing process.

Otto Joseph Placik, MD
Chicago Plastic Surgeon
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