Can Sutures After 4 Months Cause Me Pain and Tenderness Under Chin?

upper and lower blephs, a facelift and the incision in the neck where muscle was cut. It has been 4 mo and I still have pain over my cheekbones, feel like I am wearing tight goggles, and have feeling of a noose around by neck. I really get depressed at times. I wake up in the morning to pain and tenderness and to to bed with the same after 4 months. Is it sutures that haven't dissolved because I have had it with the constant uncomfortable feeling going on in my face. Give me my face back with out prickling, tenderness and feelings of pulling and tight bands around my eyes and under my chin from ear to ear. Can I have them removed?

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Unusual discomfort..

It is unusual to have as much intense discomfort as you are describing in my practice. It is important that you communicate with your doctor about having these symptoms and see if this is common in your doctor’s experience with patients who have had the same procedure.

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Can Sutures After 4 Months Cause Me Pain and Tenderness Under Chin?

It is not at all unusual for your neck to feel tight after face and neck lift. This should resolve with time. If you're still experiencing this at four months I would recommend following up with your surgeon. It is likely that tightening and repositioning of your tissues that is causing the discomfort rather than the sutures per se. However, your surgeon will be able to advise you on how best to proceed. I hope this information is helpful.

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