Suture Technique for Narrowing Nose Tip?

I would like to slightly narrow the tip of my nose. My side profile is wonderful, and the bridge of my nose is narrow, its only the tip that needs a small amount of narrowing. My doctor suggested the suture technique? Anyone have any opinions on this?

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How to narrow the tip of your nose.

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If you need the tip of your nose narrowed, you need to find a board-certified, experienced, Rhinoplasty surgeon. You should also see many photos of patients with simillar nasal-tips as yours before proceeding.

The choice of techniques is not as important as your final result. There are many ways to narrow a nasal tip, and we as surgeons, tend to utilize techniques that will provide the desired result.

I've attached a recent Rhinoplasty photo that demonstrates tip refinement 3 mos. after surgery. This was achieved with angle-division, suturing the medial crurae, and a cephalic trim of the lower lateral cartilages. I know this sounds confusing, but there are so many different "suturing techniques", and no single one of them is superior. The choice of surgeon is critical.

I hope this helps, and best regards.

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Suture techinique is one option.

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Yes I have an option. You  are describing a relatively simple method of nasal contouring called a tip rhinoplasty. Depending on what need to be done, a variety of procedures can be performed wioth the suture tecnique being a popular option

Otto Joseph Placik, MD
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