Suture Pulled out Just Below "Lateral Crus", Did I Damage Results?

Hi. I got rhinoplasty about 2 months ago. Anyways, 1 week post op, the doctor removed the internal splints about 3 days after this, the inside of my nose was very itchy I couldnt help but itch inside my nose, and i pulled on the internal hairs turns out it wasnt the internal hairs, it was a suture hanging out I pulled down on it, and the suture came out it was about 1cm long Did i just stuff up my nose And please dont say "ask your doctor"... I will ask him when I see him next PP

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Suture out at 10 days

Most likely the suture that came out at 10 days was one of the dissolving sutures on the incisions inside the nose - these are meant to come out

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Did Suture Removal Damage Rhinoplasty Result?

It is extremely unlikely that you did any harm when the suture was removed 2 months after your surgery. An examination of your nose by your surgeon when you see him will answer your question.

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