Suture Only Otoplasty Post-Op Head-Band Use (1st Week; Now at Day 7 Post-op)

After having dressings removed (24hrs post-op) I felt the middle portions were over-corrected. Worried would stay like this I left the head-band off during the day for the last 6 of the 1st wk; but wore it every night. After a few days of not wearing the head-band ears seemed to relax to acceptable/natural looking position. Day 7 office visit-Doc convinced me to wear head-band all the time now. Having done this I am now concerned the ears will relax significantly more than is customary?

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Otoplasty Surgery and use of Headband?

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With all due respect, I think you are worrying too much. The purpose of the headband is generally to protect the ears, not to influence the final outcome of the ear positioning surgery. I would suggest that you continue to follow-up with a plastic surgeon and to minimize unnecessary worry.

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1 Week After Otoplasty- Wear Your Headband But Don't Worry

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You don't need to be worried. The main reason to wear the headband is not to hold things in place (the surgical technique should do that), but rather to make sure that you don't catch your ear on your pillow as you sleep and pull it away from your head. Ultimately your result depends on the way the surgery was done, not how the headband was worn after surgery. Relax and enjoy your new ears.

Michael R. Menachof, MD
Greenwood Village Facial Plastic Surgeon
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