Suture Indents - Looks Like A Dogs Ear After Excision

I had 2 mole excisions done a about 2 1/2 months ago. One was on my nose and the small mole was under the skin. I did not know what it was until biopsy report. That excision became infected while the sutures were in and sutures were removed at about 4 days. I now have some suture indents still and a bit of a "dogs ear" at the top of the site. My question is are the suture marks likely permanent at this point or is there still a possibility of them resolving?

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Concerns regarding suture marks and a "dog ear"

Your sutures were not left in very long and therefore probably will not leave "track marks" long term. The elevation at the and of your incision, known as a dog ear, will maximally improve by 9 month to a year. If at that time, it is still not satisfactory in appearance, then follow-up again with your doctor who can then reassess the situation and make recommendation which may include extending the scar to remove this residual excess. If you want, you can also obtain a 2nd opinion at that time.

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Scars improve with time

Suture marks left behind after an excision will likely fade with time.  I would not consider any type of treatment to improve cosmesis until at least six months have passed.  Collagen continues to remodel for up to one year after a surgical procedure.

Corey L. Hartman, MD, FAAD
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Suture indentations are frequently permanent

Suture indentations are frequently permanent. A good way to remove them is fractional laser therapy which will need to be repeated several times.

Edward Lack, MD
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Scar improvement

This is a great question.  Because you are only 2.5 months out you should continue to see improvements over the next 6 months.  If you are still displeased with the results at this time return to the physician who did the procedure.  He will possibly be able to off you some options for improvement such as laser treatments of re-excision.  I hope this helps you.

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Facial skin usually heals well over time. You should see the doctor who did the procedure and maybe thereafter consult a dermatologist. 

Robert Kasten, MD
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Since the sutures were removed in 4 days they will not leave any marks.

However the nose is very specialized skin, with thick sabacious skin scars can be unperdictable.

Wait at least one year before you judge on any scar. then consult a board certified plastic surgeon.

Samir Shureih, MD
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Hope for scar after mole removal

Wait about 9 months before doing anything.

Your body will keep improving the appearance of the scar for 1 full year after excision.

Apply a little vaseline at night and massage in to keep the scar soft.

If after 9 months you don't like it, go back to the doctor who did the procedure and ask them what can be done to help.

Daniel J. Ladd Jr., DO
Austin Dermatologist

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