Suspect Liposuction Was Not Preformed at Flanks As Was Scheduled?

2010 liposuction at abdomen and flanks- it is noticeable where the abdomen work stops. I suspect my flanks were overlooked. No lumpiness, no reduction, like at my abdomen. Doctor tells me she reached under me from the side to do my flanks and that fat is stubborn. I do not recall bruising or pain in that area. I am considering requesting a refund, for work I do not believe was performed. Thoughts?

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Concern flank liposuction was not done.

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Flank fat is more difficult to remove than abdominal fat but if liposuction was done in the flank area you should have had some soreness in that area.  If you had no pain and can not see any reduction in your flanks, you should talk with your plastic surgeon about helping you achieve your goals and perhaps doing a revision of the flanks at no charge to you.

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