Can bumps from Juvederm Volift be permanent?

I had juverderm volift injected into my lips about 6 months ago and I've noticed a couple of little lumps, one is noticeable if you look really close. They all have a blue tinge to them. I saw my injector and he said he thinks it's a cyst! But I noticed it after the injections and was hoping it would go away...will bumps from this type of filler dissolve or Remain permanent? I'm really worried! Please help! P.s my injector said they will dissolve.. Is this true?!?

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Juvederm Volift lumps...not permanent

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This is a hyaluronic based injection that is metabolized by the body naturally. However small bumps can occur if the product is not placed is small deposits with feathering and massage after for a smooth finish. These bumps overtime should go away, however if they do not you can have a trained dermatologist inject into these areas with hyaluronidase, this enzyme selectively will dissolve the filler. And in my experience, this can work, even on nodules that have been stubborn for years. Best, Dr. P.

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