Has my gastric band slipped or do I just need a fill?

In Jan'14 I had a fill putting my band at 8.5 full, everything was good for about a month then I stared suffering acid reflux, waking up at night choking and being sick, I was unable to eat solids. Mar '14 I had an un-fill -.25ml which resolved the issue. Aug'15 I started gaining weight, in June '16 I went for a fill +.25ml, in July I went back for another fill +.5ml, putting my band at 9ml full. This has not helped as I have no restriction. Has my band slipped or do I just need a fill?

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Slipped Band?

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Usually a slipped  band would result in persistent vomiting. A band interrogation with flouroscopy is indicated.

Alpharetta Bariatric Surgeon

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