Can Zoom! lighten naturally darker (yellowish) teeth? (Photo)

My daughter is a redhead and has always had yellow teeth. Now 19 and starting a modelling career she wonders if Zoom! would be helpful. Much thanks.

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Try Kor

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If you daughter is considering a career in modeling, I would recommend Kor Whitening.  It will give better results than Zoom without the sometimes painful reactions to the Zoom process.  It is more expensive, but more than worth it to get the white smile which will be one of her tools in her career.

Houston Dentist

Enlighten Teeth Whitening

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I have used both Zoom and Enlighten whitening systems for many years.

Zoom is a fantastic in surgery whitening system that will provide an excellent result in one appointment however for the longevity of any whitening treatment I would recommend the Enlighten system.

Enlighten Whitening is the only system that guarantees the B1 shade, the ultimate in teeth whitening. Enlighten is a two part system of home and in surgery whitening which provides a flawless result. Although more expensive it will be well worth the long term result.

Tracey Bell, BDS
Great Britain Dentist

Zoom whitening

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I have done zoom whitening on myself and many of my patients and always had good success. Zoom whitening is done in a dental office and can change the shade of your teeth by 6-8 shades in just about an hour. This process is much more efficient than at-home whitening products.  Your daughter should have very good results. 

Jeremy B. Jorgenson, DDS
Costa Mesa Dentist

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