Permanent Eye Liner Removal or just the ends?

When i was 17 i got sucked into getting Tattoo eyeliner the lady did a horrible job i was told it would fade or be gone after 3 years im now 24 and I would love to get this blue ugly liner off so i dont have to spend time applying make up everyday to cover this horrible mess i would be happy with even just removing the horrible ends please help !!

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#PermanentMakeup Messup? Try A Professional Who Will Do Salt Removal With You.

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Most of the time, people would be hesitant to do any type of laser tattoo removal so close to the eye area. Search for someone in your area who specializes in permanent makeup 'correction' or removal. There are other methods of lifting the pigment out of the skin with osmosis. Not everyone does it, but in a series, salt treatment can work for permanent makeup removal. 

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