Getting dental implants in lieu of closing gaps from tooth removals for braces?

hi there, I got braces about 8 months ago and had 4 premolar removed in order to relieve the crowding and straighten my teeth. Fast forward 8 months and my teeth are now straight, and they want to start pulling the gaps closed with elastics, and i am wondering if it would be better to put in implants to close the gaps and leave the other teeth the they are?

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Closing gaps with implants

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Normally if you had to take teeth out due to crowding, you would not have enough space for implants once the teeth are straight.  However, in order to give you accurate advice I need to see photos and X-rays of your teeth.


Dr. Maddahi

Keeping normal arch shape is ideal, extractions can be bad

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While sometimes we are forced to extract teeth due to crowding, if at all possible it is best to keep the normal dimensions of arch form.  Closing spaces will bring the anterior teeth backwards and restrict tongue space.  This can lead to TMJ issue or airway problems (snoring/sleep apnea).  If implants can be done, that is better.

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